If you are reading this that means we both have something in common, you too are passionate about raising kids with strong character and values thus they grow up to become fine human beings !!

This platform isn’t about teaching STEM skills or showcasing versatility as hallmark of successful parenting but to let your kids explore, grow & learn ( in a fun way) at their natural pace.

By way of introduction I am Divya. My journey to early childhood parenting literally started only 5 years back when we relocated to Singapore.

When we had our first child, I was juggling between different roles of full time corporate job, new Mum, home manager etc. Somewhere while handling these responsibilities I realized I was missing on a few important aspects of my child’s initial years of learning and growth !!

From being a full time professional to being a stay at home mom (SAHM) I was surprised how this transition started becoming fulfilling and satisfying when I indulged in planning my kids routine, in a way it was re-living my childhood !!

As my journey of teaching my kids through experience and activities continued, I started documenting them on my Instagram account learningisfunwithus with the prime focus to
keep activities low on preparation and high on engagement that makes learning fun. As I believe if learning is fun it’s everlasting !!

The love I have been receiving from the community propels me to make a difference, and empower every parent out there to be a little closer to their child’s learning journey !!
So come join and enjoy as “learning is fun- With Us” !!


Divya Gupta


Email Divya: Divya@learningisfunwithus.com

I am Divya, a trained Microbiologist and a Healthcare professional and mom of two amazing kids- Atharva (7) and Amaya (2).

I had a thriving career in Healthcare back in India. Like many expat wives, I followed my husband to Singapore and decided to take a break from corporate life to raise my kids in a foreign land which is now home.
I strongly believe “if a child cannot learn in the way we teach, we must teach in the way the child can learn” and created many fun activities for my kids to fill their active days.My kids were hooked and quickly my friends and family noticed and started requesting me for activity sheets to engage their lil ones with.

Thus started my baby steps towards sharing early childhood enrichment activities with wider parents groups.

Your support and adulation inspire me to raise the bar and double-down on my efforts- so by all means keep them coming and let me know if I’ve been able to bring you and your munchkin closer through these activities.

Trust me, testimonials like these are my lifeline, so keep-’em coming.

Stay Fab and Happy learning (as it’s fun with us) !!


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Divya from learningisfunwithus always does an exceptional job providing engaging and low-prep activities for children. She really has a talent for creating learning experiences that are truly FUN! I can’t recommend her enough if you have children at home and are looking for easy ways to add more play and learning into your day!
Brittany, Stayathomeactivitymom
Divya is doing great work with kids and inspires many parents all over the world. Her profile in HowApp is very popular among parents. We're very happy about having Divya with us and hope to inspire millions of parents together!
Lihan Deng
Lihan Deng, Developer Howapp
Divya from @learningisfunwithus has been a friend for quite some time! Her activities are hands-on, fun & engaging! I love her multi-cultural approach to learning & gain so much from her knowledge. She is a true asset to the play community & I look forward to all that she shares❤️
Gina, playathomemumma_g