Decorate the kite: fun & easy fine-motor activity

Decorate the kite: fun & easy  fine-motor activity

For my kids, I am always excited to try activities that are fun to do, easy to set up and have some learning behind.
One such activity that we did today was decorate the kite.

A shoelace, cardboard piece, colours, googly eyes and some pony beads.

What to do?
☀️Take the cardboard piece and cut it into kite shape.
☀️Colour the cardboard piece. (Involving kids will double up the fun)
☀️Create the nose and the smile. (or a silly face 🤪)
☀️Add on the googly eyes.
☀️Take the shoelace and stick it to the back of the cardboard piece to create the kite string.
☀️Now bead/decorate your kite.
☀️FINISHED!- You’ve created your kite!

Key skills practiced-
Fine Motor Skills
Concentration building
Pattern and Colour recognition

I hope this gives the kids (and parents too 😁) something fun to do, Amaya and I had a great time!