DIY Christmas Wreath with minimum items!

DIY Christmas Wreath with minimum items!

Does your kid love the movie Grinch? If yes, I bet they will love making a Grinch Wreath. All you will need is some grass, Grinch eyes and a Christmas cap to make this.

So, until now I didn’t know why “Grinch” hated Christmas?

It was my son who told me that everyone use to make fun of Grinch because his shoes were too tight for his feet, his head wasn’t screwed on right and his heart was two sizes too small.

Well, as they say Christmas is not a time nor a season but a state of mind and at the end of the movie, Grinch also came to realize that he also enjoyed Christmas regardless of what others thought.

So, bring on the festivities and indulge your kids in making a cute Grinch Wreath.

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